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A quick starter guide for Sabong

Sabong is said to be a billion-dollar worldwide betting industry in the Philippines, and since it's so popular, there are many ways for a punter to bet on horse racing in the Philippines, most especially in Manila.

Although the laws regarding betting on horse races in the Philippines are pretty much the same with other countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macau, they are often ignored or taken for granted by most punters. This is probably because many foreigners visiting the country are amazed by the lack of gambling, crime, and general lawlessness in the country. But there is nothing to be amazed about, for, in reality, there is no law against betting on horse races in Manila or anywhere else in the Philippines, as long as you follow the stipulated rules of the games (usually the rules of Sabong cockfights). If you want to enjoy yourself in a fun and safe environment, you can even go for gambling in Manila's national stadium, the Alabang Stadium, which also happens to be one of the largest and most impressive stadiums in the world.

The lack of legal issues regarding betting may lead many foreigners and Filipinos alike to believe that the real experience in betting in the Philippines is much more dangerous than it actually is. While there have been no recorded cases of serious injuries resulting from horse racing in Manila, most people who have gone for the experience have told how terrifying and violent some of the events that they have witnessed in Sabong cockpits can be. For this reason, it is highly recommended that before you go to any horse-racing event in the Philippines, you better familiarize yourself with all the possible risks and consequences of betting on the sport.

One of the major reasons why people start going to Sabong cockfights are because of the opportunity to get an easy way to earn a living. People who have access to resources such as horses and cock cages (the materials needed for the actual fights) usually take advantage of this opportunity and become the main players in this kind of business venture. Of course, earning money is not the only benefit that people derive from betting on Sabong cockfights. Besides, as mentioned earlier, there are also some great benefits in associating yourself with a legitimate supplier of these cockfights.

If you consider the time that the horses spend in Sabong cockpits, it would then be fair to assume that the horses take up the majority of the Sabong cockfighting business.

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